Tourism and Leisure

Nowadays, the tourism industry represents a rather dynamic branch of the Ukrainian economy. The market of touristic services is characterized by a high degree of competition between Ukrainian and international touristic companies.

Over the last several years Ukraine has passed a number of legislative acts designed to stimulate development of the touristic branch. Tourism as a branch of economy has a virtually inexhaustible potential of its development in Ukraine, considering the large number of historical, cultural and architectural sites, recreational objects and natural and climate resources. According to official estimations, the total area of natural landscapes of Ukraine, which are valuable from the touristic and recreational point of view, amounts to 9.4 million ha or 15.5% of Ukraine’s territory. Their one-time capacity with consideration of the need to preserve the natural environment exceeds 48 million persons.

The staging of the European Football Championship ‘Euro 2012’ in Ukraine has given a powerful impetus to the development of hotels and restaurants. Over the last several years not only the number of hotels and restaurants has grown but the quality of services has improved as well, not least of all owing to the entering in the Ukrainian market of international hotel chains and introduction of European quality standards.

Carrying out touristic activities and rendering services by hotels and recreation institutions requires strict observance of the current legislation and the constant taking of important legal decisions on the issues of the current economic activity.

Deeply understanding peculiarities of carrying out activities in the sphere of tourism and leisure, specialists of "Werner Law Firm" offer the following legal services:

  • legal support to establishment and reorganization of touristic companies, hotels and restaurants, acquisition of assets and corporate rights;
  • advising on obtaining permits and licenses necessary for performing activities in the spheres of tourism, hotels and restaurants;
  • drafting the set of necessary economic agreements, in particular, franchising and licensing agreements, contracts of services, labour agreements, management contracts etc.;
  • advising on the issues of observance of legislation on protection of consumer rights, labour legislation etc.;
  • representation of interests in relations with state authorities and in relation to resolution of disputes by judicial and administrative procedures.