Establishment of companies in Germany

For Ukrainian and Russian companies running business in Europe has become a reality today. Germany in particular attracts businessmen by stability of its economy, the secure banking system, transparent laws, the liberal tax system and law-abidingness of the citizens. Pursuant to the German law on independent labor activities those foreigners who buy a business with the value of at least 250 000.00 EUR employing five workplaces may receive a residence permit in Germany.

However, if you are not looking for the permanent stay in Germany, the legislation still affords you opportunities to affectively organize operation of business and its further advancement. All this taken together ensures reliability, profitability and good prospects of the investment.

Regardless of whether you decide to start a business from the beginning, or to expand it, or to buy an already existing business, our legal support will help you carry out every action without costly errors and the loss of time.

Qualified lawyers of the Werner Law Firm offer their expertise and legal support of transactions while observing all the rights and legal interests of a customer, the protection of your business (know-how) as well as the support in establishment of all necessary contacts to start your business in Germany.

Lawyers of Werner LF will help you make the right choice of the form of incorporation for your business in accordance with your investment budget.

Our lawyers will consult you and directly assist at all stages up to and including the business foundation.

Along with the legal support we propose you assistance in drafting a foundation agreement, legal consulting on legally correct translation of documents and certification of such documents at a notary.

We will provide help in opening bank accounts in German banks and savings banks, as well as in searching for appropriate commercial real estate whether for rent or purchase in order to establish an office.

We will provide you with all necessary information about German legislation peculiarities, competent legal support at all stages of business foundation, which will help you avoid many errors, time and money losses while starting a business in Germany.

Due to our expertise you will be able to observe all the requirements of the German legislation and to launch business in the German market successfully.