E-commerce and Retail

Retail as a branch of Ukrainian economy has undergone substantial and noticeable changes, in particular, a rapid transition from primitive and uncivilized forms of trading activity to domination at the market of powerful retail store networks. According to expert estimations, big retail store networks will account for more than 50% of sales at the retail market in the nearest future. Today, well-known international retail store networks work successfully in Ukraine, and leading domestic networks strengthen their capacities and broaden geographic presence. With the general economic situation in Ukraine improving retail becomes more interesting and attractive for domestic and international strategic investors.

E-commerce is a relatively new business activity in Ukraine, which is experiencing rapid growth. According to expert estimations, more than 1% of all retail transactions in Ukraine are conducted through Internet. E-commerce has reached virtually all business spheres today, with all possible types of goods and services being sold through Internet, from cars and computers to consulting and legal services. Investment attractiveness of e-commerce should be particularly emphasized; considering the fact that in other European countries e-commerce accounts for 15-30% of all retail transactions, the Ukrainian e-commerce market has practically inexhaustible growth potential.

The team of lawyers of "Werner Law Firm" provides successfully domestic and international customers with the following legal services in the spheres of retail and e-commerce:

  • the working out of the complex of agreements used by trading companies in the course of economic activity, in particular, supply agreements (including foreign economic agreements), franchising/license agreements, agreements regulating labour relations with employees (labour agreements, contracts, collective bargaining agreements), agreements of services etc.;
  • advising on the issues of optimization of taxation of retail transactions;
  • legal support in relation to obtaining permits, licenses, patents etc.;
  • advising on the issues of observance of the requirements of legislation of consumer rights protection and legislation regulating the carrying out of trade activity;
  • advising on the issues of observance of customs rules when importing goods n Ukraine;
  • working out and preparing the complete package of a company’s internal documents, legal support to opening Internet-stores;
  • advising on legal issues of conducting e-commerce, in particular, in relation to observance of legislation of consumer rights protection and intellectual property rights;
  • representation of interests in relation to regulation of disputes by judicial and administrative procedures.