Today, more than 10 million cars are registered and in operation in Ukraine and the ratio of the number of cars pro one thousand inhabitants of Ukraine amounts to 160 units. Considering the fact that the average number of cars in West European countries pro one thousand inhabitants amounts to circa 600 units, there are all the grounds to state that the car market of Ukraine is far from its satiation, and has substantial development potential.

For the last several years the volumes of car production in Ukraine have grown steadily and reached their maximum in 2008, when Ukrainian car makers produced 425 thousand autos, what became the 12th result in Europe. The car production accounted for 2.5% of the country’s GDP.

Nowadays, the car market works its way through the adverse consequences of the global financial and economic crisis and there are all the grounds to expect that the production and consumption of cars will reach its pre-crisis level in the near future.

The team of lawyers of "Werner Law Firm" offers its customers the following legal services:

  • advising on the issues of observance of legislation of protection of consumer rights;
  • legal support in relation to certification of cars and parts;
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  • legal support in relation to purchase and lease of commercial real estate (storage and logistics facilities, production and sales premises etc.);
  • legal support in relation to the establishment of companies, acquisition of corporate rights and production assets;
  • advising on the issues of observance of the requirements of customs legislation;
  • resolution of disputes by judicial and administrative procedures.